Our Helpers

Mrs. Jarvis was our tech person. She is always amazing, but even more so when we had to start doing online learning. She always helped with all the different types of technology we needed to do this project. She helped us by providing us with good ideas, and she also could work with us at any time. She also was very supportive and enjoyable to work with. She never lost her temper and was always kind to us. She was a big help, and she was very useful to this project, and our class. Thank you very much Mrs. Jarvis. 

Mrs. Profitt is a local historian and author. She was a big help to this project by helping us find good documents, and other important pieces of information such as reliable photos, and maps of the area. She was very supportive and pleasant to work with. She would always explain things to us and simplify words that we did not understand. Thank you very much Mrs. Profitt.   

Mayor Corby came to our classroom in January to share what he knows about the Agate-Zornow House. The last Zornow to own the house was his grandfather. Mayor Corby was a helpful interview because he provided us with information about the Agate's and the Agate-Zornow House. He also told us about the style, the aspect, and the history of the house. He was very patient and acceptable to our questions. He always gave us amazing answers back. Thank you very much Mayor Corby. 


Mr. Miller is the current owner of the house. We were going to take a trip to meet him and tour the house, but we couldn't due to covid-19.  Instead, we asked Mr. Miller to come to an interview on Zoom. He was a helpful interview because he knew the answer to all our questions about how the house is now and he gave descriptive responses. He helped us by giving information on the inside of the house, as well as what he did to change it.  He even took pictures of the inside for us. He was very agreeable and very patient.  Thank you very much Mr. Miller.     

The Monroe County Clerk's Office was a helpful field trip because we got a lot of cool information about this cool house. We want to thank the Monroe County Clerk, Ms. Romeo for having us and Ms Caico for leading our tour.  And Ms. DeLorenzo, the researcher who found all our documents. And we can't forget Mr. Morrisey, who let us try on his Star Wars Storm Trooper helmet. 

To learn more and see pictures from our trip to the Clerk's Office click on the seal of Monroe County below.


Written by Arjun, Eeshika & Annie

Class Info

Mrs. Stevens-Oliver's 2019-2020 Class is amazing! They got started on this project in December of 2019.  They were just really digging into their documents when our building was closed due to Covid-19. The very first day of our online learning adventure they asked, "Can we please keep doing the Agate House project?". Once all of their materials and teams were set up online they got to work. They were fantastic! Students organized video calls, learned to share their screens and work on their part of the project together from their own homes.  They researched, wrote content and selected images, then went on to design this website. Their work ethic was unbelievable. Their dedication and determination to do well was beyond impressive - they even worked a few days after the official school year ended in order to be able to put the finishing touches on their project!

To my class... I could not be more proud of you and the hard work you put into this project. I hope you are proud of yourselves. During this project I got to know each of you even better.  I see the skills and knowledge each of you have shared with your teams. You have lived the Thornell Road Way throughout our entire Covid-19 experience, and in the creation of this AWESOME website. WAY TO GO!!! 

-Mrs. S

To the Parents of 4S... THANK YOU! Thank you for helping your children as they got going online, for being tech support when pages wouldn't load, or calls wouldn't connect. Thank you to the families who took their children to take photos for the project. Thank you for your words of support as we pushed through to finish. We could not have done it with you!

Thornell Road Elementary School

431 Thornell Road, Pittsford, New York


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